Hotel Smeraldo in Sirmione

Your SAFE stay

Choose Besafe Rate and
We’ll give you the insurance as a gift!

Do you want to immediately secure your and your loved ones’ holiday, but are you afraid of losing the money for your stay due to some last-minute inconvenience?
Do you want coverage for any problem that may occur during your stay?

By choosing Besafe Rate, you will be able to take advantage of assistance that will follow you step by step to help you solve any problems you may face.

What does Besafe Rate include

Booking with Besafe Rate includes travel insurance at no additional cost, healthcare, coverage for cancellation due to unexpected events, theft, legal assistance:


fino al 100% del soggiorno in caso di annullamento per eventi imprevisti


of the days of stay not used in case of early departure, illness or accident during the stay


road in place during the trip and for the refund due in the event of cancellation or delay beyond 3 hours by the airlines


of medical and medicinal expenses in the event of accidents or illness during your stay

Before booking all participants must read the Insurance PolicyCoverage File