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1000 Miglia Sirmione lake Garda Italy

1000 Miglia Sirmione

the passage of the most beautiful race in the world in Sirmione

1000 Miglia Sirmione passes in mid-May; Every year the race of the most beautiful historic cars in the world from Brescia to Thursday, through certain locations of Lake Garda and then goes on to Padua; in four stages up to Rome and then goes back to Brescia on Sunday morning. In Sirmione step is important as the cars pass twice, once to get under the Castle at the other to return to the state road towards Verona; along the road that leads to the Castle from Colombare di Sirmione everyone is waiting for the passage of cars thus turning it into a moment of celebration, all restaurants and bars prepare tables and chairs to comfortably enjoy the ride.

Traffic modification on Thursday day of departure

Closing section special trials and Piazzale Porto: 12:34 – 19:00
Arrival in Piazzale Porto first car Tribute: 14:04
Arrival in Piazzale Porto first car 1000 Miglia: 15:37
Passage last car: 19:00

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1000 miglia sirmione

1000 Miglia map 2017

Below are some photos of 1000 MIGLIA Sirmione in past editions